The Anxiety-Inducing Show, “Upload”

The Anxiety-Inducing Show, “Upload”

Jackson Chollman, Staff Writer

*Some Spoilers*

The show “Upload” is becoming my family’s new favorite show. Although it is hard to watch for some members of my family, I really enjoy it. The show is a scientific fiction comedy about life after death and what the real world is like in the 2040s. As an alternative to death, you are allowed to choose if you want to be ‘uploaded’ and sent to a resort with millions of other uploads. Here you can live out the rest of your life and still be able to connect with those from the real world through virtual reality. We are not only able to experience this comedic sci- fi existence from the resort where the uploads are but also the future in the real world. These people experience fully self-driving cars, flights from New York to L.A in 30 minutes, and nearly every aspect of life is operated by artificial intelligence.

At the resort for those who are uploaded, you can connect to people who you would have never met in the real world. Nathan Brown played by Robbie Amell, is in a horrible self-driving car accident. He is then rushed to the hospital and chooses to  be uploaded, even though apparently his vitals were improving. Regardless, Nathan is uploaded and gets over- whelmed with where he is. This is where my mom started to freak out, as she gets very anxious dealing with this situation. I, for one, got very uneasy looking at how their entire world was controlled with robots, which I am not ready for. Nathan is toured around the Lakeview resort by “angels” who are monitoring the residents and helping them in virtual reality, although they are real people still alive. This is where Nathan meets Nora played by Andy Allo, and the two of them find feelings for one another and create a great friendship. Along with Nora Nathan meets Luke, played by Kevin Bigley, a veteran who died at war; he is very funny and has no filter.

At the end of the first episode, a mysterious person breaks into the office where Nora and the other “angels” work. This mysterious person targets Nora’s computer, deleting several memories of Nathan, but why? Later on in the season, what we suppose is the same person breaks in again and detonates a bomb destroying the office’s computer mainframes. Nora figures out that someone was deleting Nathan’s memories and the two of them work together to figure this out. Maybe after all Nathan’s car accident was not entirely an accident at all.

Overall this is a great show full of hilarious comedic moments, suspense, and mystery that kept me wanting to know what happens next in this future land and the Upload’s resorts. I would recommend this show to you if you, like my family are bored in quarantine and looking for a new show. Personally, I do not enjoy science fiction shows or movies, but I am really enjoying Upload, as there are so many moving parts and it is interesting to see how the show will predict the future.