Senior Stations, Preparing for the End

Megan Spataro, Staff Writer

Megan Spataro

Ms. Jarvinen

Journalism 2

1 June 2020


COVID-19 has halted all walks of life. It has ended in-person classes early, forced workplaces to have their employees to work from home, and also destroyed graduating seniors’ long-awaited end-of-the-year festivities.

One important part of the end of the year for seniors is being able to gather with all their friends and family for graduation and to celebrate the years of work that have led up to this moment. Unfortunately, graduation is one of the many cancelled events that has gone down the drain because of COVID-19. In response to this cancellation and to also get some logistical tasks done, Principal Andrea McCormick organized a couple of days for seniors to come to the school for senior stations. Each senior was asked to come at their assigned  time slot based on their last name in order to return textbooks, clean out lockers, and get their picture taken for the virtual graduation slideshow, which will be broadcast on June 12.

Based on my experience, the senior stations were a successful and efficient event. All the volunteers who helped to return textbooks, escort students to lockers, and take seniors’ graduation pictures wore masks and made the process very quick and easy. Driving up to the school parking lot after not being at the school for almost two months was a very surreal feeling and it felt even stranger to be back on campus without the hustle and bustle of 2,500 other students around me. For other seniors like me, the senior stations were the beginning of the end, as graduation is in sight and our high school experience is coming to a close. Now that seniors have picked up their yearbooks, all that is left is a final day for seniors to say goodbye to teachers but then that will be the end for seniors’ crazy COVID-19 year.