Lil Yachty’s Weak Comeback


Steven Moore, Sports Statistician

Lil Yachty is a very well-known rapper who sort of fell off the charts because he has been so inactive when it comes to making music recently. After bursting into the music scene in 2016, he has been trying to prove himself after questions spiral on whether he can rap or not. However, he grabbed some attention with this new album Lil Boat 3, with a strong feature list and an attitude that fits not only his rap persona, but who he is as a person as well. As I listened to the album, it was obvious to me that he does not like to stray away from his signature sounds which made the songs seem too repetitive. It seems odd to me that the features are the most exciting part of this album. Makes me wonder how much potential the album would have had without these big names. Drake, A$AP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, Young Thug, Future and many more large names made this album prosperous.

My favorite songs in this album were “Oprah’s Bank Account,” featuring drake and “Pardon Me,” featuring Future and Mike WILL Made-It. They both had catchy beats with lyrics that can get stuck in your head in a heartbeat. “Oprah’s Bank Account” reached up to 223.8k views ever since its release. It has a very calming, melodic trap beat with a well-organized song layout. This song also gained a lot of publicity from the Tik Tok app, showcasing Drake’s part saying, “I don’t know what you were told but I ain’t mad at you.” In addition, “Pardon Me” reached up to 13.3k views, providing an upbeat and powerful melody. Although some of the songs on this album were making a statement, I believe the features carried the album and Lil Yachty didn’t play the main part in this album’s success.

Songs like “Broccoli” featuring DRAM started Lil Yachty’s road to fame. This song was released around three years ago and has 397 million views on YouTube. This song had a very exciting and happy beat that gave listeners something to dance to. The reason he became this popular is because his music is funny, and he can relate to many different age groups. He has a unique voice with deep yet squeaky vocals. Even though this album was not one of my favorites, I do believe that the biggest hits from this album will reach billboards very quick, if not already because of all the big names on the album in addition to Yachty’s. I support this man and I am a fan of the variety of music he has provided to the public. His popularity and uniqueness will continue to carry this man’s bright career.