Being Black in America: Ahmaud Arbery’s Story

Rama Bah, Staff Writer

Imagine jogging down the street, when suddenly you are being chased by two white men only to be shot and killed moments later. This situation happened to Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old black man who was shot and killed while jogging in a predominately white Georgia neighborhood. His murderers, Gregory and Travis McMichael, told police they thought that Arbery was the thief stealing from houses in their neighborhood. A disturbing video surfaced the internet where it showed the suspects murdering Arbery. You must be thinking how horrible this is and how this should never happen. This is a current thing in the United States, and it takes this video to show the public what happened. This occurs through events with police and citizens.

Freshman Lauren Goulding said, “What they did was horrible, and I don’t know how a human can do that.” Ahmaud was only jogging through the streets. It took the police department two months since Feb. 23 to finally charge and arrest the murderers after the disturbing video. After the video blew up, the Georgia Police Department had received thousands of emails and calls from angry people around the country to finally arrest the McMicheals. Sophomore Avery Chein says,” The only reason Arbery died was because he was black and they felt threatened by his skin color. If he was white this wouldn’t have happened.” It is obvious that this is a racial issue. Different people have different views on this situation, but this is a case of white supremacy.

Junior Lindsay Cox says,” I feel bad when I hear thing like this happen in the world, but I hear about killings all the time. I’m desensitized to them.” Ever since, countries have been closed because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, multiple racist incidents have had happened and police departments have observed a rise in hate crimes. This is what it is like being black in America.