Disingenuous: Flightreacts’ Road to Stardom

Steven Moore, Sports Statistician

Recently, a man by the name of Clarence Javelli or “Flightreacts” has become one of the most popular content creators on the YouTube app. Javelli also is very well known in the video game world, in communities such as NBA 2k and Fortnite. Lately, he has been trying to develop a music career in addition to his successful YouTube and streaming content. Originally, Flight became famous because of his reaction videos that were very comical. He is now becoming a lot more well-known because of his obsession with six-time NBA all-star Stephen Curry, as well as his promise that he will be able to dunk a basketball by June of 2020.

All YouTube and streaming aside, Flightreacts recently released his new hit single called “Disingenuous” April 20. I believe that this is his best song out right now and I also think he has a lot of potential in the music business. Although he has been accused of stealing lyrics from other YouTuber’s video clips, I don’t believe he would do something like this. He has a very creative personality and he is the type of person to make his own, personal songs portraying what his life is like. Flight’s most popular song now is called “Heat Cheque” which reached up to 1.1 million views on YouTube which he released late November 2019. Disingenuous already has one million views in just three days of its release. Therefore, Flight’s joyful and funny character attracts a variety of people. Even if you are more of a video game person than a YouTube person or vis versa, you can relate to this man in some way.

Since his fan base is so loyal and they always support him in all his videos, I believe they will do the same in his music career. If Flight continues to make music consistently as well as keeping up with YouTube and streaming, he could easily become the most talked about person on any social media. Although Flightreacts can sometimes be made fun of for his unreasonable opinions and reasoning for some different topics, he gets people thinking and this interests new people as well as previous fans.

With Flightreacts thriving streaming career, the development of NBA 2k20 could continue to grow the larger part of his fan base which is through the Twitch streaming app and YouTube. I believe that once NBA 2k21 releases, Flight comes out with an album and he continues to make reaction videos on his YouTube he could possibly become one of the most well-known people across the country for the younger generations.