“Aries” from Gorillaz, an Excellent New Wave Inspired Psych–pop Anthem With a Modern Twist


Pedro Martins, Staff Writer

In anticipation for their new upcoming album “Song Machine,” The Gorillaz released a new single “Aries.” The single features Peter Hook from the experimental synth pop band New Order, and new wave pioneer band, Joy Division. The single also features singer/songwriter Georgia. “Aries” as a song is both futuristic and retro at the same time. It features a bassline that sounds like it could have landed on New Order’s 1983 album “Power, Corruption, and Lies.” This nostalgic, forlorn bassline is accompanied by layers of airy synthesizers that crash into one another and a crisp drum machine that creates a hypnotic syncopated rhythm that carries the song along. Damon Alburn’s voice is intricately layered with effects to make it robotic while also being emotive at the sametime. All these elements combine to create a psychedelic pop anthem that is both dreamy and energetic, while also paying homage to bands from the New Wave era of the 1980s.