The Secrecy Revealed at Skinwalker Ranch


Jackson Chollman, Staff Writer


In Northern Utah, near the four corners of the United States, there is a ranch that has been subject to paranormal activity for decades. Unexplained light beams coming from the mesa above the ranch, multiple UFO siting’s, abnormal energy readings and cattle mutilations spark the interest of paranormal investigators, scientists, and researchers. Now it will be documented for the first time. Airing every Tuesday on the HISTORY channel, you can keep in touch with the mysteries and discoveries of what is considered “UFO Alley.”

The current owner of the ranch, Brandon Fugal, brought together a team of expert investigators, scientists, technologists, and security personnel. Now joining the team is Travis Taylor, HISTORY telling us that “Dr. Travis Taylor is an engineer and best-selling author who holds PhDs in Optical Science and Engineering, Aerospace Systems Engineering, and master’s degrees in Physics and Astronomy. For the past twenty-five years, Taylor has worked on various hi-tech programs for the Department of Defense and NASA. He is the newest member of this diverse and highly skilled team and brings a vast wealth of knowledge that will help them apply hard science to solve this incredible mystery.” Taylor, with his background in space, was skeptical about something paranormal occurring at Skinwalker ranch, but he becomes a believer almost as soon as he enters the ranch. The team measures radio frequency levels that could potentially be dangerous to humans.

Curious, Taylor and Jim Segala, the chief scientist at the ranch, took several RF (radio frequency) measurements around the ranch and pinpointed the energy levels to be roughly a mile in the sky. In order to record these measurements more accurately, the team sent a weather balloon in the sky equipped with multiple devices to record energy, radiation and other tools. Once the balloon reached roughly a mile in the sky it was unable to transmit any data from the balloon, as if it disappeared out of thin air, exactly where they predicted would be strange energy occurrences.

Now that Travis Taylor identified that there was something in the air that was sending high levels of energy to the ranch, he was now interested in digging below the ranch. He was previously warned that whenever you dig on the ranch, bad things happen. Thomas Winterton, the ranch Superintendent, is possibly proof of this claim. As Taylor was informed, Winterton was told not to dig, but being skeptical, he decided to anyway, and only a few days later he was faced with a life-threatening injury. Large goosebumps appeared on the back of his head, and eventually his scalp started separating from his skull! Every doctor he had seen was completely confused on what caused this and Winterton is extremely lucky to be alive today.

The secrecy still yet to be discovered entices me to come back each week to see what new discoveries will be made. I find learning about paranormal activity and unexplained phenomena extremely fascinating. Although the team may not find a true reason for the unexplainable occurrences on the ranch, I still want to stick around and find out more.

Looking back in history, there is a legend that the Navajo tribe cursed the land that is home to Skinwalker ranch today, when the Ute tribe turned against them and supporting the white settlers moving west. It is said that a Skinwalker can shapeshift into any animal but is primarily believed to be a coyote. Whatever the reason is that there are so many supernatural experiences at this ranch, whether it being abnormal energy, a Navajo curse, aliens, or something we have not even discovered yet; I know I will be watching every Tuesday until the secrets are either solved or better understood.