Super Bowl Fandom

Lucas Johnson, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl is a nationwide event held every year where millions watch the two best-performing American football teams battle it out for the top spot. The Super Bowl has been going on for more than 50 years, this year being 54th in repetition. This year, the football game featured Kansas City’s Chiefs and San Francisco’s 49ers, and this was the first time the two have ever met in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs played a total of 23 games including post and preseason games until they made it to the Super Bowl; making it their first Super Bowl appearance in 50 years. The 49ers, however, have made it to the NFL championship a few more times, this being their seventh of their total appearances. It can be said that the Chiefs were the underdogs in this match, so everyone was rooting for them to win. The 49ers are known for their defense, which is ranked highly in the playoffs and regular football season.

It should be known how big a deal this event actually is, since it has been going on for 54 years; you might think Super Bowl hype may have decreased, but this is not true. There was actually an increase in viewership from last year’s Super Bowl, with total viewership exceeding 113 million concurrent viewers. Whether you watch from home or at the stadium, there needs to be a place where everything happens. The Super Bowl’s location changes every year. This was the eleventh time a Super Bowl had been played in south Florida.

People do not only watch the Super Bowl for the game; many people watch because of the commercials. Super Bowl commercials have also become a tradition, with many thinking, they are more exciting than the game itself. This year’s commercials did not disappoint and featured new upcoming stars, interesting releases, and cool new products. You may be interested in how much it costs to secure a 30 second advertisement in the Super Bowl. The price actually has been consistently rising and now costs over 5 million dollars for the 30 seconds of screen time; but with the advertisement being seen by over 100 million people, the investment might actually be worth it. Viewership for the 2020 Super Bowl was still as high as it was last year, but is interest dwindling? Senior Ross Hammerlee did not watch the game and has not really over the years. If you compare this to an active football watcher, the results would be the opposite.

The players make up the game, as without them, there would be no Super Bowl and no revenue. In postseason play or, before the official football season starts, both the 49ers and Chiefs earn roughly $87,000 per player. However, how much would the players on the winning team in the Super Bowl make? Win or lose, both players on both teams will at least receive a five figure check, but the winners will add another zero on to that.

The Super Bowl is an exciting event that football fans across the nation look forward to every year. The Super Bowl has been going on for more than 50 years and its unwavering support has not waivered over the years. With crazy amounts of money going in and coming out and millions upon millions watching, no doubt the Super Bowl will continue to prosper.