Celebrity Couples Influence

Victoria Poitras, Staff Writer

How celebrity couples are involved in their fans lives varies in lively and sickening ways.  Constantly having your personal life be intruded upon can not be easy for those currently in a celebrity relationship with camera stalking hoping to find anything to create a juicy story.

A good amount of stars are in relationships that are happy and healthy. Even if that is true that does not stop the media from writing about anything they can. Taylor Swift has done her best to keep her long term relationship in her control rather than the media. However, because of her music career when people write about her music it usually concerns her relationship status and engraved in there are theories on what is happening currently. Senior Vanessa Gomez said, “People always say her music comes from her past boyfriends and breakups.” Gomez makes a point conveying how much media values the relationship status that goes in between celebrities.

On the other hand, even though Taylore Swift has had some unfortunate things considering her relationship status throughout the years, Selena Gomez has more recent story to tell. In May of 2018 Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber broke up for a second time. In October she released her single “Lose you to Love me” which the media think it is very obvious hints to her relationship with Justin Beiber. She talks about her progress from a breakup, as she went into therapy some time after Beiber and Gomez broke up. No matter how the media portrays the lives and faults of celebrities, they make choices based on their own expression on how to go about revealing it.

Music has a lot to do with the expression of an artist. Especially Taylor Swift to her two most recent albums “Reputation” and “Lover.” Freshman Hannah Gaffney comments on these albums saying, “She changed with the times and I think it has a lot to do with her happiness as ‘Reputation’ was a dark album.” Her new album “Lover” is more light hearted and to add on the media translated this as her feeling and expression of Joe Alwyn her boyfriend. She is very careful not to reveal what she can but maybe she gives her fans insight on what it is to be in love with her songs “Lover,” “Paper Rings,” and “ME!”

However, there are skeptics out there who do not believe in some of the existence of some celebrity couples. A popular opinion is to believe that Celebrities claim to be dating but they are just dating for gain in popularity. Sophomore Sejal Dogiparthi comments on the idea saying, “They (celebrity couples) want to promote a new song or collaboration.” On the other hand this strategy might be proving to fail because, as Gafffney additionally comments “I don’t really follow couples unless they’re someone I like.” According to Gaffney she does not concern herself with the stories of celebrity couples unless she has some other reason to follow it. Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes has raised this controversy through their public presence of taunting, showing off, and posting about their relationship. As it encouraged by the media that they date, Dogiparthi comments, “I see them more as friends now.” The controversy revolving around the fakeness of celebrity relationships relies a lot on the attention the media gives them, so either way the so called couple involved gets some sort of free marketing.