The Current State of the Primaries

Pedro Martins, Staff Writer

March 10th is what many people consider to be mini Tuesday for the primaries. A plethora of states ranging from Washington to Mississippi reported their votes and assigned their delegates to the two democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. The results paint a clear picture who the front runner is at this point with president Biden winning the majority of the states except Washington which is still currently tied. Biden now leads the race by a margin of approximately 160 delegates. It seems that Bernie is on his last leg when it comes to the race. It has become undeniably clear that the former front-runner is now the underdog. One of the last things that could give Bernie the momentum back in the primaries is the Debate on Thursday, March 12. This might be his last chance to regain the support of the democratic voting body and to be elected to be the democartic nominee. This has been one of the most intriguing primaries of recent memory with many twists and turns over the last month and with majority of the nominees dropping out in the first few weeks. Let’s see how the election will continue to play out in the coming weeks and if Bernie can regain his top dog status.