Legally Blonde Rehearsals in Full Swing


Alex Logan

“LEGALLY BLONDE” The entire team of “Legally Blonde” has worked very hard and will hopefully get the opportunity of displaying it to an audience after that coronavirus outbreak has been taken care of.

Ashlesha Mishra, Staff Writer

Although postponed for prevention of Coronavirus, per recommendation of the Public Health Department, Issaquah High School’s musical team has been preparing to perform “Legally Blonde”, a production directed by Meghan Woffinden-Louie. There are many outstanding participants that are part of this marvelous and hard-working team. The performers and crew members are giving their after-school time to rehearsal, practicing to put up a great show for their audience. Freshman Anisa Maggiore said, “The performances are going to be great!”

The production members put in tremendous effort each day to reach their goal of presenting a well-put-together show for each of their performances. The team is very confident of themselves and their other teammates and have developed great relationships with each other. Freshman Eleni Konomi said, “The best part of rehearsal is probably the entire practice. Just rehearsal in general is always so fun! You meet so many new people and you make a lot of new relationships. I go to school with all these people and yet I didn’t know them outside of this and now I do.” These people have dedicated countless hours to train and completely be prepared for their showcase and continue to prepare for any issues that might come up unpredictably. Konomi adds, “I am excited for the upcoming performance[s], and nervous that hopefully school does not get closed because of the spread of the coronavirus which would be really bad [because of all the effort that everyone has put into this]. I think, however, that it is going to be a great show and everybody should come and see it.”

The director of this production, Woffinden-Louie, shared that “Legally Blonde” was “a story about Elle Woods, based off of the 2003 movie, about Elle finding herself, her strength, and what she is truly passionate about. She went on to express her thoughts of her being very pleased by the strong team spirit and determination that is present in all. She said, “The students and their dedication and hard work has been by far the best part of directing this play and has made the whole process wonderful! All the participants are so amazingly talented and hardworking they are. I think that they are going to blow everyone’s socks off with their performance!” The entire Legally Blonde team has built a trustworthy bond among one another, which will be reflected in their upcoming performances.

With hard work, consistent rehearsal, dedication, and teamwork with others, the “Legally Blonde” team is going to show its colors when they display their group effort. To sum up the rehearsals, the performers and their director are all looking forward to sharing their final product with their audience and giving their best each time.