“These Two Windows” Tour

Victoria Poitras, Staff Writer

It can not be denied that Alec Benjamin is one of the biggest secrets that the world has ever witnessed when it comes to his music. He recently announced that he will be going on tour with his friend Harry Hudson. They will cover locations in Europe first before crossing over to the United States, where he will be performing in big and small cities, including Seattle.

The V.I.P. package has sold out in most cities and in some cities, tickets have completely sold out. Benjamin is performing in small venues, but his upcoming success can not be overlooked. A general admission ticket costs 27.90 dollars while a V.I.P. ticket is 59 dollars. The V.I.P. package comes with early entrance to the venue, early access to the merch table, one exclusive merch item, and a picture with Alec Benjamin himself.

His new tour is the opportunity to perform his upcoming album called “These Two Windows.” Throughout the process of announcing his tour, Benjamin has also released singles that are from his new album making fans go insane with excitement. The complete album will be released on April 3, however, he is toying with fans saying he might drop another single before the release of the complete album. For the meantime fans in Europe can hear his prior albums and legendary songs.

However, even though Europe can enjoy his music, the excitement in the states still exists. Sophomore Ysa Chavis intends to go to the concert along with her V.I.P pass. She says “I want to buy a new outfit that I can wear to the concert.” While some people remain passionate about the musician, some people have not even heard of him. For example, Sophomore Eeline Kim says “I haven’t heard of Alec Benjamin at all, but I do overall enjoy calm music.” He still remains a secret, looking at his stance in the music industry alone, but he has been able to grow a very loyal fanbase.

His fanbase is not the biggest the world has ever seen but his fans are quite passionate about what his music has to say. Junior Nadeen Rahdi comments with her experience with listening to his music as, “very influential and it has helped me with the toughness in my life.” Rahdi has also purchased general admission and she also plans to buy merchandise. Despite his smaller fansbase, he has managed to definitely have a positive influence within his fan base.

Alec Benjamin first started singing music on the streets of Los Angeles and he definitely has come a long way. As he has continued to grow his community his fans have picked out their favorites. “Let me Down Slowly” is Alec Benjamin’s biggest hit. Chavis comments saying, “I really want to see Let me Down Slowly” however she also comments saying, “Water Fountain and Let me Down slowly are my favorite songs probably.” On the other hand, the lyrics as Alec Benjamin has a lyricist, also have significance. Sophomore, Erinn Bloch says, “Must of been the Wind is my favorite song because of the great message it has.” It is very likely that some of these songs will be performed at the concert itself.

His upcoming album definitely leaves suspense for possible collaborations. For quite some time he has been hinting towards a collaboration with BTS’s Park Jimin. As mentioned, his biggest hit was “Let me Down Slowly” which in fact was a collaboration with Alessia Cara. Jimin is part of the biggest boy band in the world, this could be a chance for him to reach a larger fanbase, as the BTS has a very strong fanbase known as the “Army.” The potential collaboration has also been noted by part of the Army. Alec Benjamin once performed at a concert in Seoul Korea where Jimin himself attended. During performing his hit “Let me Down Slowly” he also sang BTS’s hit song “Fake Love” integrating it into his own lyrics. The audience was not disappointed with plenty of applause that shook the room afterwards. The collaboration definitely opens more doors for him giving bigger chances to let more of the world hear his music.

Alec Benjamin is a talented artist and the “These Two Windows Tour” is the start of another chapter in the music industry, with his style of pop and narrative lyrics. His fans are definitely excited, as well as Benjamin himself judging from his social media posts. A new album and a new tour is what will kick off a new chapter in Benjamin’s music legacy.