Grimes’ New Album “Miss Anthropocene” Enjoyable but Not a Favorite 


Abigail Lee, Copy Editor

It has been five years since the release of her last album, but on February 21, Claire Boucher who is more famously known as Grimes released her newest album, “Miss Anthropocene.” The concept of this album is centered around the words “misanthrope” and “anthropocene,” and is Grimes’ exploration into climate change and various “gods” of humanity. This idea is further explored on her website, where specific songs in the album correlate to the titles of “New Gods,” which are personified names for human problems that she has created. Although I enjoy this concept, it can be a bit convoluted, requiring previous reading or exploration of past interviews done with Grimes in order to get a preface before or while listening.

When it comes to the songs themselves, I found myself enjoying most of them, but not to the point where I would actively listen to them. The melodies often felt murky and difficult to stay focus on, so some of my favorite tracks were a lot clearer and were reminiscent of her last album, “Art Angels,” like the songs “You’ll miss me when I’m not around,” “Delete Forever,” “IDORU,” and “We Appreciate Power.” These tracks were more upbeat and a lot more vocal heavy, something that I had especially enjoyed from her previous work. However, this is just my personal preference of the vocal makeup, and is not so much a critique but a matter of my own taste.

Overall, I would give the album a solid eight out of ten. I can recognize that although this album is not one of my favorites from Grimes, ultimately it is a well-crafted and clean work that deserves a full album listen.