Schools Close in WA Due to Coronavirus 

Cara Caulton, Copy Editor

As of March 2, eleven schools in Western Washington have closed due to concerns about the spread of Novel Coronavirus. This is following the second death in Washington, a man in his 70s living in the city of Kirkland. The schools have closed for a variety of reasons, but all are exercising caution to avoid the continued spread of the illness. One high school, Jackson High School in Mill Creek, has had a student with a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 and has since closed. Mariner High School and Discover Elementary School in the Mukilteo School District are closed due to a parent of a student testing positive for COVID-19. The student has yet to show symptoms. Many others are closed out of caution due to flu-like symptoms being present in students or students’ families, and are awaiting tests to confirm if COVID-19 is present. 

Update: The death count in Washington is now 11, and North Shore School District has closed starting today for a period of up to two weeks to offset the spread of the novel coronavirus.