Coronavirus Can Not Keep Stocks Down


Megan Spataro, Staff Writer

Stocks have finally started to rise after sharp drops across the market. The coronavirus has sent a shock across the globe, making investors worried about economic fallout which resulted in a steady declining trend until midday Wednesday. As the virus continues to spread around the world, with cases in over 30 countries and on every continent but Antarctica, industrial production, consumer spending and travel are all being affected.

After days of global hesitancy, especially in the tech industry, investors are finally putting away their worries and bidding up on technology stocks, leading Microsoft to a 1.5 percent increase and Adobe to rise 1.8 percent. Health care companies’ stocks also climbed, with Pfizer rising 2.6 percent.

As the coronavirus continues to exponentially increase its destruction across the globe, many industries are getting hit hard economically. But there is no cure as of now, and the world is realizing how to function despite these extreme conditions.