The Spread of Coronavirus


Roman Levashov

CORONAVIRUS This outbreak has affected many people and is on the verge to find more victims. Schools and workplaces have asked for attendees to remain at home or visit a doctor if symptoms of the disease begin to appear. Meanwhile, we have to wait to see what the sickness does next.

Ashlesha Mishra, Staff Writer

Since ancient times, the knowledge of science and medicine has grown immensely. Over time, scientists have studied many samples and observed many different kinds of illnesses. After a lot of effort, researchers have developed cures for several deadly diseases. As of now, the world has advanced at a great rate in terms of medicine to a point where many previously incurable diseases have a way to be treated today. A recently discovered disease, coronavirus, has sickened thousands and killed nearly 500 people in China and has spread into different parts of the world including the United States.

Belonging to a large family of viruses that mostly sicken animals, this disease has become a huge outbreak, but “rarely, these coronaviruses can evolve and infect humans and then spread between humans. Recent examples of this include SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV,” the CDC said. NBC News also added, “Coronavirus that has sickened thousands of people and led to over 200 deaths in China.” The effects of this disease are highly dangerous. In only a few weeks, this sickness has destroyed the lives of many people and their loved ones.

Many students, including sophomore Digant Dash, know what the coronavirus is, but not all truly recognize and know the symptoms and health effects of the virus entering one’s body system. These symptoms have taken over China, making the situation in China extremely serious and concerning. For people living in China, precautions are mandatory to prevent the contagious disease from spreading. Senior Alaina Bland, said, “I know that they are all shielding and wearing masks and gloves.” To protect themselves from getting infected, the people in China are covering any potential ways of becoming a victim of coronavirus.

In response to this sickness, the United States has placed travel restrictions, temporarily denying entry to foreign nationals who visited China in the 14 days before their arrival to the United States. Upon return, citizens are subject to a mandatory quarantine of up to 14 days. WebMD News said, “Eleven Americans are among the 61 people infected with the coronavirus on board the cruise ship Diamond Princess. The ship has been quarantined off the coast of Japan since Tuesday.” The first case of this disease in the United States appeared in Everett, Washington, which is only about one hour from Issaquah High School. The estimated time length of this outbreak is yet to be determined. Freshman Michael Lim stated, “It really depends on the measures that are taken. If everyone seeks medical help when they experience symptoms and everyone takes part in preventative procedures like washing hands, then it could end soon. However, that is not guaranteed and there are other outside factors that could come into play, so my guess is [that the outbreak will probably last for] about a few more months.” While the immediate risk to the general public in Washington and the United States is still low, it is still recommended that all travelers from China, including students, staff, and volunteers arriving in the United States after February 2, 2020, at 2:00 p.m., to stay home and away from others. Infected students and staff are told to monitor their health for 14 days. If you develop symptoms of coronavirus, such as getting a fever, developing a cough, or having difficulty breathing during these fourteen days, it is highly suggested to avoid contact with others. Researchers at quarantines and around the world continue to study the disease and hope to learn more about the illness and find ways to prevent other people in the United States and everywhere else from catching the fast-spreading disease. Travelers from China to the United States have been taken in to ensure the clearance of the virus in one’s body. While the idea of travelers taken in for medical testing rather than meeting their family and friends is still controversial, many people still want to confirm that they do not hold the disease inside them and will not affect their families. Junior Aoife Buckley said, “I think I would be okay with it because I want to ensure that I wasn’t infected.”

CNN has declared in an article that the coronavirus appearance is a public health emergency but has also told the citizens of the United States not to panic. Now, all we can do is wait and hope that the disease is contained and will not spread among our community to the point of inflicting harm to our loved ones.