IHS Band Concert Highlights Dedicated Musicians



CONCERT BAND The Concert Band demonstrated their learning and focus, resulting in an outstanding performance.

Ashlesha Mishra, Staff Writer

Wednesday, Dec. 11, marked Issaquah High School’s Concert Band performance at IHS. Several talented musicians were present at the event, showcasing their exceptional skill and learning.

Many of the performers at the event have been playing an instrument for a long time. Freshman Sydney Kropf said, “I have been playing in band since sixth grade but I started playing an instrument since fifth grade.” Students have continued their journey from middle school into high school.

Numerous players have also received inspiration to begin playing an instrument from their parents. The direct influence from their family members allowed the students to pursue music as a talent. Freshman Nina Liu’s mother says, “I played the piano and violin, but those hobbies didn’t continue.”

Currently Liu plays the flute in Issaquah High’s Concert Band and enjoys it very much. Kropf claims that “because my parents were both in band and my dad already had a good tenor I could play on. I also played the piano for four years but I stopped because liked the saxophone better.” Kropf has developed a love for music and enjoys playing in audition-only ensembles with other experienced players.

These exceptional students have been trained by IHS’ Concert Band director, Pat Holen. Holen graduated from Indiana University in 1999 and completed his Master’s Degree at the American Band College through Southern Oregon University. He has been the Concert Band director at Issaquah High School since 2001. Liu describes him to be “really fun and funny at times and is always responsible for the band.” Clearly, Mr. Holen has been a wonderful mentor for the Concert Band.

With hard work, training, dedication, and practice, the IHS Concert Band has evolved great teamwork and love working with one another.