Candlelight Choir Concert Spreads Holiday Spirits


Roman Levashov

LARGE ENSEMBLE: Concert Chorale is the final group to perform at the annual Candlelight Concert.

Rama Bah, Staff Writer

Tuesday, Nov. 10 Issaquah high school hosted the annual Candlelight Choir concert. This concert focused on the holidays as they are right around the corner.

During the month of December many people celebrate holidays related to their cultures and religions such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and many more. But others celebrate during other times in the year like Ramadan.  Junior Sanjana Vusletti said,” Being in a big choir on stage is great. You do not get nervous with being with people who surround you and are interested in the same hobby as you.”

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” is a holiday classic, and High Tones showed the holiday spirt from this song. High Tones were in sync and knew how to grab the crowd’s attention from doing small dances and being very jolly.

Another song that showed holiday spirit is another classic, “Jingle Bells.” We have always heard this song and it is the best song to start the holiday season with. The concert also had a song non-holiday related song as some as you may have heard it: “Hamilton.” Hamilton was still a favorite during the concert, with a great share of applause.

Senior Ruby Whelan said, “With also being in choir I enjoy other things like plays and musicals here at school. I have been in the musical all four years at Issaquah.” The Candlelight concert was a great experience to go to. Choir Director Barbara said, “They are a fun group to be with and they want to be here, and they try really hard.”

The Candlelight holiday concert really brought the holiday spirit to Issaquah High. It is not just the high school is involved in singing; Issaquah Middle Schools’ Crystal Voices performed that night as well. They get to see what is so awesome about high school choir as well as what takes part.

The high school has many choir groups including Mix It Up, In Harmony, Hi Tones, and the Harmonic Tones. Each group has auditioned and takes part in a club at school to practice. Mix It Ip are both boys and girls whereas In Harmony is boys and Hi Tones are just girls.