Victory for Girls’ Varsity Basketball


Roman Levashov

GEARING UP: The Issaquah and Skyline girls teams huddle up and discuss improvement strategies with their coaches.

Karma Nashed, Staff Writer

On Dec. 13, Issaquah’s Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team won against Skyline, with a score of 62-35. It was a home game, and the players had been preparing themselves mentally and physically for “about a week,” said freshman Hannah Cameron, who has been playing basketball for three years and is the only freshman on the team.

Sophomore Keira Hanson reported that the team has“tended to win against Skyline in the past, but was nervous prior to the game; their team has gotten better.”

Coach Doug Crandall sees the team every day after school for hour-and-a-half long practices. “I’m especially proud of the girls’ sportsmanship skills. They are extremely supportive of one-another, and they make each player feel welcome and valued,” he beamed. “I’ve been trying to train them to be less passive when it comes to seizing the ball from the opponent, and having each individual be more spread out along the court.”

“I think our strongest player during that particular game was Cam Gibson,” said Keira Hanson. “She’s been playing varsity for three years and she scored us a pretty big portion of our points.”

According to Hannah Cameron, “Keira Hanson might be our best receiver. She’s really good at taking the ball down the court and her passes are always accurate.”

The girls’ varsity team has a very good history when it comes to scores in all their games. Their final score tends to be around 50-68 points, depending on the opponent. Couch Doug Crandall prepares them well, and the players are all committed to practicing and being supportive of each other.