Symphonic Band Put On a Spectacular Performance


Erinn Bloch

STUDENTS WORKING HARD: The Symphonic band concert, many great sounds were made by these extremely talented IHS students during the Winter Concert.

Jackson Chollman, Staff Writer

On the night of December 11, the Issaquah High Symphonic band, roughly 50 members strong, took stage at the Longman Performance Arts Center. Many of the players rocking bright red Santa hats put me straight into a festive mood, while I wait anxiously for the holidays.

With their instruments in hand and all suited up, they began to play. Sophomore Hunter Fulford, who plays the trombone said, “All the band members are experienced and filled with talent” which was truly shown on the night. It was truly fascinating to see how they were able to play soft and slow, and with no warning belt out a very fast paced and loud tune, which certainly caught they crowd’s attention, which was constantly applauding.

My favorite song was their last, “Sleigh Ride,” which was the last holiday song of the night. The band was also joined by a reindeer on the back wall behind the performers, which was a cool way to put us into the holiday mood, knowing we have a week left before winter break. Sophomore Elliott Bischof, who plays trumpet for the Symphonic Band, said that they “are able to work together and allows us to sound good.” With the band’s overall talent in each member, they were able to master succession on the big night of the Winter Fest concert. It sounded great to me and judging the reaction of the crowd, they certainly loved it! The director, Pat Holen, as well noticed this as a “solid concert that the audience really enjoyed.” Because the band had since almost October to practice these songs, they came into it well prepared, and the concert was amazing, as the performers wished.