Flu Shot Mix-Up


Ben E

MEDICAL MISHAP: Licensed pharmacist injects insulin into patients instead flu shot.

Lucas Johnson, Staff Writer

Mistakes happen all the time but usually not to this scale. In Oklahoma, several people were injected with insulin instead of flu shots. After the injections the patients immediately became unresponsive, they were rushed to the hospital where the mix-up was discovered. The patients were residents and employees of Jacquelyn House, which is a facility that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The eight residents and two employees are said to be released from the hospital soon.

After the medication was administered, most patients, “were not able to explain the issues,” Warring said. “Many of them are not vocal and not able to walk.” The pharmacist who injected the insulin was a contractor and went to the facility on Wednesday to administer the flu shot to residents and employees, Rebecca Ingram, CEO of AbilityWorks of Oklahoma, said in a statement, the pharmacist who injected the insulin was a contractor and went to the facility on Wednesday to administer the flu shot to residents and employees.

Despite this being a terrifying accident, the story was not well known. Senior Jimmy Santiago if he had heard about the event; he did not seem to know but looked concerned when I told him the story. After talking with him a little, I asked him again if he had any concerns about getting a shot now, and he was a little hesitant. I was curious what he thought should happen to the actual pharmacist that administered the shots; Jimmy said there should definitely be actions taken. He also think the pharmacist should lose his license. Sophmore Daniel Han has a different point of view. He actually did not have any concerns even after I told him the story of what happened in Oklahoma. When asked what should happen to pharmacist who messes up he said that maybe there should be some punishment but that losing their license is too far.

People are also scared of getting their flu shot according to American Academy of Pediatrics, many parents are concerns with vaccinated their children and it is easy to see why. Accidents like this are also not helping. People seem to have this idea that if they do not get sick then they do not need a flu shot many people think this way it’s not uncommon. However, no one is immune to the flu and getting flu shots are important. After interviewing Han, its clean he cares about his health to as he recently got his flu shot. He has had no adverse effects from the flu shot from the flu shots either and there are many dangers with not getting a flu shot. If you skip your vaccination according to the department of health, “many children could become seriously ill or even die from diseases such as measles, mumps and whooping cough”. In other words if you do not get your flu shot you are at risk of getting seriously sick.