Issaquah Breezes by the Islanders in Season Opener


Sydney Hancock

SEASON OPENER Sophomore guard, Mason Muir, pushes the ball up the court for the high-powered Issaquah offense.

Steven Moore, Sports Statistician

The Issaquah Junior Varsity boys’ basketball team had their season opener at home, against Mercer Island on Thursday, December 5. The Eagles won the game by a score of 58-44. Getting out to an early sixteen to four lead was crucial for Issaquah and there was no looking back from there. Sophomore guard, Mason Muir, got in early foul trouble and starting freshman forward, Chase Dietiker, suffered a calf sprain while colliding with an opponent in attempt to corral a loose ball. Dietiker had nine of the first fifteen points for Issaquah and Muir had six points, two assists, and one rebound before committing his fourth foul of the contest. With two leading scorers for Issaquah on the bench early, the rest of the rotation would need to make up for the losses. Sophomores Michael Moore and Kyree Sheffield had impressive performances coming off the bench and kept the Eagles on track for the win. Moore finished with ten points, two assists and two rebounds, while Sheffield ended with seven points, four assists and two rebounds.

Also contributing to the scoring surplus for the Eagles was starting freshman guard, Mark Longo, who sunk a couple deep threes, as well as starting sophomore guard, Zach Eastern, putting up eight points and five assists. A very good win for the Eagles over a solid program will give them a boost of good energy for the rest of their season. Moore said after the game, “It was a good overall team win and everyone played a part in this game. Even if that was just good effort on the court, or maybe even good, positive energy in the locker room. Hopefully we can continue to do what we’re doing and keep going at this caliber of play.” The Eagles will have another game the following day on the road against cross-town rivals, the Liberty Patriots. As the Eagles travel over, they will recap on Thursday’s game and implement a similar game plan in hopes of another convincing win.

As the Eagles’ season progresses, so will their team chemistry. Once the players begin to mesh and get to know one another on the court, they will become a very dangerous team to face this season. Hard work and dedication are preached day in and day out to this organization, motivating the players to communicate with one another, in addition to pushing them to move with a purpose and do so quickly.