“Bad Batch” Is Anything but Bad


Lucas Johnson, Staff Writer

“Bad Batch” is a thrilling new podcast about stem cells, a new form of medical treatment meant to treat almost anything. This podcast just came this month and already has about four episodes which are doing very well. It is truly a very interesting show and like nothing, I have really ever heard. I would definitely recommend if you are into mystery although it’s more like medical mystery. I am on episode three and already I am very intrigued.

Podcasts are nice because you do not have to physically watch your screen; you can be doing other things getting work done while enjoying your stories. I would also suggest podcasts if you have not already tried one.

I like “Bad Batch” because it sheds light on a topic maybe you have never even heard of. Have you heard of stem cell? Maybe you are like me and know of stem cells but do not really understand how it works. “Bad Batch” introduces you to this strange new medical phenomenon; it is in a way educational without being boring. Not trying to act like some expert but here is the gist of what I know. “Bad Batch” is about stem cells and is based on true events; stem cells are supposed to be able to treat almost anything.

Across the episodes, I have heard the new treatment starts out well but then spirals out of control. One story is about an old patient who had headaches and intense pain. She went through a stem cell procedure and her symptoms got much worse. After her procedure, her face became white and every time she was touched, she would scream at the top of her lungs. After she was brought to the hospital, her daughter knew she was not going to make it; but she was not the only one. Two other patients were also hospitalized because of stem cell procedure.

“Bad Batch” is very interesting and worth the listen. Consider checking it out.