Ambassador Sondland’s Testimony Shakes Up Impeachment Proceedings


Pedro Martins, Staff Writer

During the impeachment hearing on Wednesday, Nov 20, 2019, Ambassador Gordon Sondland gave his testimony on his dealing with Ukraine on president Trump’s behalf. In his testimony, Sondland testified that Trump ordered him, alongside Rudolph Giuliani, to put pressure on Ukraine into fully committing to investigate Trump’s political allies. He also stated how almost every member of the cabinet was fully aware of Trump’s actions and how they could be seen as an abuse of the executive office’s power. After this testimony, the Trump administration has had to completely alter its plan of defense, focusing more on how Trump was never directly involved in any order. As the hearings continue over the next couple weeks, Sondland’s testimony could prove to be one of the key factors considered when it comes time for the final decision and could very well get President Trump impeached.