Evergreen Orchestra Surprises the Uninitiated

Karma Nashed, Staff Writer

On Nov. 2, the Evergreen Philharmonic Orchestra performed their season’s premier at Issaquah High, 7:00 pm. “We’ve been preparing since basically the beginning of the year,” says freshman violinist Lisa An. “I was so excited to make music with the amazing people in the orchestra. During the actual concert, we rushed a little, but we stayed together as an ensemble and worked hard. Our director, Ms. Weitzsacker, was really proud of us after the concert. We went out for food at Red Robin and I felt nicely rewarded.” Out of all students who auditioned, only about 78 were accepted. All members of the orchestra are very skilled in playing their instruments; Lisa has been playing the violin since the second grade.

One of the audience members at the concert was freshman Megan Polkinghorn, who attended because a friend invited her to join. “I would rate the overall experience a solid seven out of ten, because I’m not usually a huge fan of just instrumental music. I wish they would’ve had food, but the orchestra was still amazing to hear,” she says. “I loved listening to the violin’s section; I think that was the most impressive part for me.”

“I think I underestimated the orchestra,” says freshman Hattie Harris, another freshman who attended the concert. “I was expecting average, but I also didn’t know that the students had to audition in order to perform, so now I get why it was so impressive.”

Overall, I would give the orchestra’s performance a rating of nine out of ten. The synchronization of the students’ instruments was phenomenal. Not a single violin, viola, cello or base was off on timing. Ms. Weitzsacker clearly prepared the students very well.