Taqueria La Venadita–Underrated for Authentic and Quality Mexican Food

Megan Spataro, Staff Writer

Located just down the street from Issaquah High School in Gilman Village, the “Taqueria La Venadita” is caught between the world of fast food chains and big corporate names. Overlooked and underrated because of the surrounding well-known restaurants like “Jersey Mikes,” “Café Rio,” “Chipotle,” and “Panera,” many people do not even know the Taqueria exists. Many have determined their favorite restaurant in town and are unaware that they can branch out to new restaurants, making it hard for the Taqueria’s name to get out there.

Walking into the “Taqueria La Venadita,” the atmosphere is unlike any other restaurant in town. It does not strive to compete with the trendy restaurants next door, but creates its own ambience, focused on bringing customers an authentic experience, and serving quality local based foods. With its red walls, simple yet festive banners hanging all around the restaurant, and a staff made up of all family members, you can feel right at home in this casual and comforting sit-down restaurant.

The food is made to order and the service was fairly quick, giving it a four out of five on the efficiency scale, although it was not as fast as a fast food restaurant. The family run restaurant did an excellent job creating my giant steak burrito, perfectly balancing out the ratio of beans, rice and meat. The burrito also included FREE guacamole. Many people get frustrated when they have to pay extra for guacamole at Mexican chain restaurants, so this is a huge plus for “Taqueria la Venadita,” setting it apart from most restaurants in town. Before my food was served, I was given a free basket of chips and salsa, which I thought was a very nice touch, upping their service rating to four and a half out of five.

There are a couple drawbacks depending on your preferred style of restaurant. If you are a fan of explosive flavors and customization this might not be your place, as the flavors were not exceptionally juicy or powerful, but they were quality. The vibe of the restaurant is also very low-key so if you like a bustling, or upbeat feel, this might not be your favorite place to hang out.

Overall, if you are looking for a new experience in town and want to experience a classic Mexican restaurant head over to Issaquah’s hidden treasure, “Taqueria La Venadita!”