The Rising Stars on the C-Team: Success in Football

Adam Hansen, Copy Editor

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On a brisk Oct. 7, throughout all 40 explosive plays of offense against Inglemoor, the game ended in a tight 7-6 win for Issaquah’s boys’ C-team football. The touchdown was scored by Issaquah in a tense late game play, with freshman Wyatt Dow throwing directly to Sophomore Maxwell Goldberg. Celebration ensured, even more so after a successful field goal to round out the score to 7-6. The C-Team was proud to add this to the growing list of victories for all of the boys’ teams, as it further proves Issaquah’s talent and potential for the upcoming seasons and years to come. According to Dow, “The c-team, junior varsity, and varsity team are all feeling good about this season, we definitely want this one to be special.”  The game was full of excitement and gripping plays, as possession was consistently changed and the game continued. The C-Team is definitely one to look out for in the future, and will without a doubt be a source of continued pride for IHS.