Issaquah Girl’s Swim Beats Skyline


Maverick Mendoza

ISSAQUAH BEATS SKYLINE Last Thursday, Issaquah Girl’s Swim and Dive beat Skyline 129-57. There was a moment of silence held for the two dead at Skyline before it began, and then Issaquah took the spotlight, racing fast and strong.

Eric Bachman, Staff Writer

On Oct 3, Issaquah Girl’s Swim and Dive beat Skyline 129-57. Senior Maria Milkowski she said, “Today it was close, but normally, no we wouldn’t [have such a close score].” The meet began with dives after a moment of silence for the two Skyline students that died from drug overdoses. Issaquah got third, fourth, fifth, seventh, and eighth in dives. Throughout the meet, they had 29 girls qualify for districts, and 24 for KingCo. Junior Sophia Cancelosi was the only qualifier for state out of both teams. IHS Girl’s Swim and Dive now has a total of 32 KingCo qualifiers, 19 for districts, and two for state. But there was more than good times in the meet. When asked, junior Medha Vadlamudi said that the most important part of the team for her was “community because I felt very welcomed coming into the team as a junior.” The team has been growing with more than good spirit and Coach Laura Halter said about the way they practiced that “we have 91 girls in 4 lanes and in that time and in that space, we are doing the best we can, and they are working really hard.” Issaquah High School Girl’s Swim and Dive is currently undefeated at is looking at a great season!