Varsity Volleyball beats Skyline Three All


Sydney Hancock

PINK OUT FOR A GREAT CAUSE! Issaquah Eagles played hard on Monday, bringing a fantastic win for Issaquah High School.

Abigail Lee, Staff Writer

Issaquah’s Varsity Volleyball team won 3-0 against Skyline last Monday on Oct. 7 at a “Pink Out” home game. In the first game junior hitter, Abby May came in with strong plays. Her consistent tipping and aggressive spiking paired with senior opposite Olivia Morgan’s solid float serves, brought the Eagles from a tie to a landslide win, with a score of 25 to 12.

In the second game, the Spartan’s began to bring the heat. With back and forth ties, Issaquah had to call a timeout to bring them back into the game, but after that, and an intense rally coming to a brilliant double block from May and senior middle Sydney Cottrel, the plays were starting to look up. The Eagles took another win with 25 to 16.

The final game was the tightest one by far. Skyline powered through and they played hard. Senior middle Maya Patton was blocking up a storm and the intense rallies coming from the two sides whipped up a frenzy in the stands, but ultimately, Issaquah pulled through, ending the game 25 to 17.

Senior hitter Chole Pak says, “[the game] was so much fun, it was awesome. It was really fun to work together and take down our rivals. It was really fun, especially with the support from the crowd.” It was ultimately a great game from Issaquah’s Varsity team, and they were able to bring another win for a great cause.