Fire Challenge Ends Horribly


Lucas Johnson, Staff Writer

On Oct. 7 in Dearborn, MI, twelve-year-old Jason Cleary was seriously burned and hospitalized after his friend set him on fire for the “fire challenge.” Cleary was in the hospital for four days and had suffered second degree burns all over his body. Cleary described the first time they tried the challenge they only got a tiny little fire and put it out but the second time, the flames flared and went all around his body. Cleary’s mother heard screaming when she found her son had been burned.

The “fire challenge,” a social media phenomenon where a person douses him or herself in a flammable liquid and makes a video after igniting the liquid, has been around for years. A boy from Queens in 2016 was sent to the hospital after drenching himself in rubbing alcohol and setting himself on fire. Another story from last year had a 12-year-old in the hospital with second and third degree burns for two months. Injuries such as these were happening frequently in New Jersey so much that they issued a state wide emergency bulletin. YouTube is also cracking down on such dangerous challenges saying they have no place on the platform.