Why “IT Chapter 2” is the Best Horror Movie from 2019


Jackson Chollman, Staff Writer

While watching the horror movie “IT Chapter 2” by Steven King, I was overwhelmed with emotions. Since I am a fan of Steven King’s work, I was hyped for watching this three-hour long sequel to the re-make in 2017 from the 1990 original. In this new movie, we see the kids from Derry all grown up after the revival of Pennywise the clown after 27 years of silence in the evil stricken town. As always Mr. King does not disappoint. In this movie particularly, the originality that was shown through the fear of Pennywises’s victims was off the charts. In addition, how well the plot was told and the different elements of the story that were added was tremendous.

If you are not a fan of horror, but love a good story and plot, I would recommend this movie to you. The plot and sequence of events fit together perfectly, and I was never stuck needing to know what or why something had just happened. The movie fit together like a perfect puzzle. It was also very cool to see the flashbacks of the younger kids throughout the new movie. Even though it went back and forth between their lives as kids and adults I was never confused of what was happening.

Following the first movie, the standard was set high to attract us with a new scare that the audience has not yet seen. When the kids go back to fight off against the clown, IT turns itself into what they fear most, and my god was I scared! You will just have to see for yourself what you think of the creative and disturbing aspects of this movie. It was new to learn how the clown came to be and how the early people dealt with IT. Now the Losers Club uses this same method, will they succeed? Or will they end up like the rest of Pennywise’s victims, floating?

Even though I enjoyed the movie, it may not be the one for you. If you do not enjoy creepy, scary, and disturbing moments throughout your movies then you will probably not enjoy this. But there were also elements of friendship, a love story, a psychopath and suicide, which all made the murderous vibe of the movie come together. For me this movie was worth the three hours of my hands covering my face because I was up for the challenge. I just pray that I do not come across any red balloons soon.