WWII Bomber Crashes in Connecticut Airport


Eric Bachman, Staff Writer

In Connecticut the morning of Oct. 2, a World War II era B-17 bomber crashed into the Bradley International Airport. Locals reported a plume of black smoke rising from the airport. Six people were admitted to a nearby hospital, and although their conditions are unknown, witnesses saw one of them get airlifted, a method of transportation typically reserved for life-threatening conditions. Connecticut authorities were unable to release a statement as they are currently unsure of how many people were on the plane. The plane in question was not in military use, but was in fact civilian registered, and was a part of a WWII tour group. It was the only B-17 bomber they had. This particular plane had already crashed before in Pennsylvania, where it injured several people. The current governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, wrote in a tweet this morning, “Such an unfortunate situation with an historic aircraft. Our prayers are with everyone who was on board.” These thoughts were echoed by police and first responders, who Lamont says are still on the scene. The tour company who owned the plane, the Collings Foundation said that the “The Collings Foundation flight team is fully cooperating with officials to determine the cause of the crash of the B-17 Flying Fortress and will comment further when details become known.” Currently, the cause of the crash is unknown, but experts’ speculation points towards engine failure.