Issaquah Girls’ JV Soccer Beats Newport 9-0   

KEEPING THE BALL Freshman Mackenzie Lee holds the ball as she goes for the goal at the Girls’ JV Soccer game against Newport. The team managed to keep the ball through most of the game, controlling the field and scoring an impressive total of 9 goals.

Cara Caulton, Staff Writer

Issaquah Girls’ Junior Varsity soccer achieved an absolute win against Newport this Tuesday with a 9-0 score, with 5 goals scored in the first half and 4 in the second. The team dominated the game, holding the ball throughout. Junior Kahia Vaifoou scored an impressive four goals total, and sophomore Harper Frye scored two. Freshman Mackenzie Lee and junior Ashley Mazzotta also pulled through, scoring one and two goals respectively. In the second half, Coach Marowitz pulled a player and they played 10 to 11, which “made the game a little more competitive, and forced our girls to play at a speed that challenged them,” according to Marowitz.

Newport’s Girls’ JV team has yet to win a game this season, and senior Avery Keeler admitted, “We usually play well against Newport, so we were hoping to win.” Mackenzie Lee said, “It was fun to see us combine and connect with each other to score all the goals we made.” She felt that it was not a challenging game, but they could have played better and scored more goals. Coach Marowitz expressed this sentiment as well, saying, “We still feel we should have converted more of our scoring opportunities throughout the game.” The team continues to work on taking every opportunity to score, and Marowitz feels that learning from this game as the team moves on to stronger opponents is crucial.

The girls will be back on the field Oct. 16 against Eastlake. Make sure to come out and support the team!