The Perils of Tik Tok Fame


Erinn Bloch

TIC TOK FAME: The latest trend for teens put some at risk.

Lucas Johnson, Staff Writer

Everyone is using social media such an Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. Recently a new social media superstar has risen: Tik Tok. Tik Tok is social media phenomenon which has given birth to many internet superstars but with this comes problems. Rachel Bell explains the difficulty of living with a famous Tik Tok-er, Alec. According to Bell, “Alec would do weird stuff in the apartment all the time…glitter all over the bathroom, …leaving black ink everywhere.” This was a daily occurrence for Bell. It doesn’t end there; according to Bell, “He could never give me the rent when I asked for it.” To put it simply, life was terrible for Bell which lead to them ending their lease early because they could not take it anymore.

Social media as a whole itself can be a problem. According to Ida Lassesen from Kindaba, “Studies demonstrate that more frequent social network use is related to increased body dissatisfaction over time in children.” In other words, with constant social media kids can be left thinking they simply are not good looking enough to become famous.

Today everyone is trying to get famous and with less and less effort.  Alex Nichols explains it well: “Tik Tok is laid out in a way that it all but requires users to limit their creativity to the bare minimum needed to get some content, any content, out into the great digital garbage patch.” Today everyone is trying to get famous and with that can come danger. Karen Zhang describes the lengths to which one person went: “‘I risked my life to take this, please like!’ one teenager in Hong Kong posted after uploading a video of himself sitting at precarious spots, including, it appears from the video, on the edge of a bridge.” To phrase differently, people (mostly teens) are willing to risk their safety just for more likes and followers’ yikes.

Even people like senior Carson Jennings who has never used Tik Tok before knows of it: “ ‌I don’t actually have the app but I have the app but I have seen what the app is about and it looks okay I guess.” People seem to have mixed opinions on Tik Tok. Some love it some absolutely hate it like freshman Evan Hammerly. “I personally don’t like it at all. I think it’s cringe-y.”