Girls C-Team Soccer Knocks Out the Newport Knights

ANOTHER KNOCK-OUT FOR ISSAQUAH The girls varsity soccer team locked in huddle before their exhilarating 5-2 victory versus Newport.

Megan Spataro, Staff Writer

Despite the nearly freezing conditions, the Issaquah Eagles girls C-team creamed the Newport Knights Monday night in a 7-0 sweep. Amazing individual shots were taken all night, but the teamwork seen on the field glorified the hours of hard work they have put in as a team to perfect their strategies.

From the very beginning of the game, you could feel that the Issaquah girls had come to crush Newport and would hold nothing back in their pursuits. They started the game off strong and took every chance they could to take a shot. Over the course of the whole game the ball was dominantly on Issaquah’s side and crossed to Newport’s side on very few occasions. Before halftime the team had already scored five goals and were on fire!

After making one of the first goals of the night, sophomore Erin Tylutki said, “Making that goal felt great, but obviously there was a lot of work that each player put in to get the ball up.” The team’s communication was key in this game allowing them to quickly maneuver around the Newport players and pass to open teammates. Each player seemed to be in perfect alignment with their teammates which allowed them to score with minimal setbacks. Freshman Megan Parry, who scored a goal said, “I feel we’ve improved so much as a team compared to the beginning of the season and have figured out how to work together in an amazing way. I honestly didn’t think I would make that goal, but somehow it went in!” The enthusiasm that each girl brought to the field was noticed as well and helped to bring the team to victory.

With any victory, it is important to recognize what went well and what could have gone better.  When asked what the team will work on next, Coach Nicole Jansen explained, “We’re going to focus on passing effectively, being the first to the ball every time, and taking shots at any chance we can get.” However, communication, team spirit and mastering of the basics are obviously key in winning a game and these girls have it figured out.

Coming up on Wednesday Oct. 2, the C team will be playing their biggest rival, the Skyline Spartans. In preparation for this big game, Tylutki said, “We’re going to work hard, keep our team spirit high, and focus on the speed of our play. Playing against Skyline is one of our biggest games of the year and we want to be ready for it.” Make sure to come out and support our girls on Wednesday against Skyline!