Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Hospitalized in Las Vegas


Isabel Smith, Staff Writer

Oct. 1, Tuesday night, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, 78, was hospitalized in Las Vegas for a blocked artery. Sanders had stent placement surgery, in which two tubes were inserted into the artery to open it and allow normal oxygen and blood flow. Sanders traveled to Las Vegas for a gun forum on the Oct. 2 alongside other Democratic candidates, and he now resides in a Las Vegas hospital. Chest discomfort at an event Tuesday evening prompted a medical examination, which discovered the artery. Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ senior campaign adviser, released a statement and conducted an all-staff conference call for the Sanders (campaign) at 7:30 am PST this Wednesday morning announcing that all Sanders’ events have been canceled until further notice. Sanders has been conducting a vigorous, exhausting campaign, and has suffered other ailments throughout it. Also, though promised, Sanders has yet to release his medical records. This incident, on top of others, raises questions about Sanders’ condition and whether, if elected, he would be able to handle the stress of the Oval Office.