A Beginner’s Guide to Astrology


Connor McKee-Sargent

Abigail Lee, Staff Writer

Stars, what can be said about those celestial buds, those bright bits living in the sky? From the beginning of human civilization, stars, and the solar system in general, have been the muses for mathematicians, poets, and more. Out of the many books and research papers, songs and spaceships, there is one outcome of celestial speculation that remains quite interesting: astrology. Often brought up with skepticism or annoyance, astrology, which is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies being able to influence people and the world around them. This may not be true science, but the idea of the stars guiding our lives is rather romantic, so let us dive into Astrology 101 and learn the basics of what outer space has to say.

When asked what their sign is, most people will answer with the zodiac sign which aligns with their birth month. This is the “Sun sign,” which, according to Luna Luna Magazine, “tells you the general themes in your life and how you are positioned to react (to things like break ups, for example).” To find your Sun sign, look for where your birth date falls between the two months for your sign and what it means.

Astrology goes far deeper than just one’s birth date, when the time of birth is accounted for, it brings forth more categories to look into. Your Rising sign centers on the timing of things that will happen in your life and your Moon sign is focused on your inner emotional self, the part that most people do not see. If you look at the chart again, the element in parentheses also represents a different insight into the signs. According to Luna Luna Magazine again, “Fire signs are known for being passionate, opinionated, and bold. Water signs are sensitive and deeply intuitive, idealistic and altruistic. Air signs are all about expression, being extroverted and fluid. Earth signs are pragmatic, stubborn, logical, and practical.” Use this deeper knowledge for some deeper insight into yourself, or to possibly impress a friend at a party, it is completely up to you.

Although I was not able to cover everything, like houses, the roles of planets, and retrogrades and such, I was just seeking to cover the basics. If you’re more interested in diving deeper into this subject, look into contacting experts on the subject, and use the stars to go above and beyond.

Ellen Jarvinen