Queer Prom at the Garage: a Night of Pride and Joy


Mimi Gaudiano

A CELEBRATION OF IDENTITY! The Garage hosted Queer Prom on May 25th and were met with great success and warm hearts as high schoolers danced the night away.

Abigail Lee, Staff Writer

May 25, 2019 was Queer Prom at the Garage, an Issaquah cafe created for teens, and there was a general consensus that it was a success. Although the turnout may have been small, the impact of an event like this solidified the enjoyment of those who did arrive. Sophomore Hala Tillman describes the event, saying, “[Queer Prom] was great! It was really fun, LGBT friendly and overall an accepting place. It picked up really quickly. Everyone was dancing and singing.” Famous LGBT artists like Troye Sivan and Lady Gaga boomed, as high schoolers danced and sang to the anthems.

The event itself was planned through teenagers with the assistance of supportive adults, a partnership that guaranteed success to the event itself. Hadassah Klinger, a young adult outside of Issaquah high explain how they felt the environment embraced acceptance, “Being surrounded by people like you and adults who respect and support you was amazing. The energy was very positive and full of love. Everyone was free to come as they are, you didn’t have to hide who you are.” A prom promoting such positive ideas and creating a safe space for Queer youth to celebrate really warms the heart. It gives us new hope for our generation and a hope that the Garage can continue to create moments and events as precious as Queer prom was.