The Return of the Issaquah High Lip Dub

ISSAQUAH ABLAZE FOR THE LIP DUB! Students from all over the school gathered in specific locations in order to represent their school spirit and to make their unique mark.

Abigail Lee, Staff Writer

After five years of its absence, the Issaquah High Lip Dub has come back in full swing! Revived by the 2018-2019 iVision crew, students here at IHS were able to re-experience a refurbished high school tradition. Led by juniors Max Karpman and Leika Wong, the path to completion was not without struggles; Karpman says, “In the scene where we had the Queen concert in the Commons, we were going to have it in the theater with a really big, green screen reveal. But in order for that to happen, we would need to have a rehearsal, so we emailed the teachers, but no one responded,” Wong added, “It hasn’t been done in five years, so people are either like ‘wow this seems really cool’ or ‘I don’t know what this is’ and so it was possible that no one cared or wanted to go do it.” But ultimately, the iVision crew was working on this project with a goal set in mind, and according to Wong, “We wanted to bring [the lip dub] back to raise school spirit, [and] to also have it be a part of the end of the year movie.”

For some students at Issaquah, the lip dub was a rousing way to end their last year of high school. Senior Hal Mady says, “It was a lot of fun. People enjoyed doing it in the past and we all enjoyed doing it this year. I hope that [Issaquah high] can continue doing this.” A riveting way to feel a sense of comradery with fellow students, the lip dub allowed students to feel like they were a part of something bigger than themselves. Senior Trey Cary explains why he had auditioned for a lip-dubbing role, “I’ve seen [the lip dub] before and I thought it was pretty cool. I wanted to be involved with it and I think it’s important to be involved in the school because that’s what tradition is all about; I just wanted to stick my foot in the door and get involved and it was pretty fun.” So overall, the lip dub was a success, and hopefully next year iVision and the class of 2020 can keep up the tradition.