“I want to be the Godmother for this ‘ARIZONA BABY’”


Abigail Lee, Staff Writer

Kevin Abstract’s newest album, “ARIZONA BABY” came out this last April and to put it simply, it is absolutely brilliant. Ian Simpson, the real name of Kevin Abstract, combines his classic sound with his excellent flow and collaborations with fellow Brockhampton members like Bearface and Joba to create this fantastic tracklist together. My favorite songs included “Peach,” “Baby Boy,” “American Problem,” and “Big Wheels.” Specifically, in “Baby Boy,” long-term fans of Brockhampton were finally met with satisfaction with the use of the unreleased song, “LET’S GET MARRIED,” in the track’s chorus, after being previously played in a promotion video in 2018 with Jaden Smith.

Overall, I would highly recommend this album to previous Abstract fans like with his last album, “American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story,” as he continues to hone on similar themes, but with a “harsher” noise than the first, with a sound like a fusion of “Saturation II,” and the most recent work of Brockhampton, “Iridescent.” Overall I highly recommend this album, and if I had to rate it, I would give it a solid eight and half out of ten.