Captain Marvel Goes Higher, Further Faster


Kaitlin D'Souza, Staff Writer

Brie Larson soars to new heights as Carol Danvers in Marvel’s best origin story yet, “Captain Marvel” released this Friday, March 8. Paired with Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, she takes on the Skrulls, an alien race, all while battling a loss of her own memories and learning how to handle her own powers.

Despite the overwhelming number of comments and tweets from people boycotting the movie for being too political in regards to feminism, the Rotten Tomatoes score, currently 81 percent, keeps climbing. It has already broken “Wonder Woman’s” record for pre-sale tickets and outpaced those of “Captain America: Civil War” in its first 24 hours. Disney is even hoping that box office sales will be higher than those of “Avengers: Infinity War” which was released last year and broke many hearts.

Watching the movie, it is easy to see that it lives up to the hype generated by the trailers and fans of the comics. The same way that Wonder Woman was hailed as a hero to women when it came out in 2017, Captain Marvel is showing women everywhere their own power while wearing an awesome outfit that reveals significantly less skin.

My favorite aspect of this movie is how unapologetic and messy Carol is. Her hair is not perfect in every scene and she is not afraid to yell and make funny faces at her opponents. She does not care about the people who stand in her way and she supports other women like her best friend Maria. Despite Yon-Rogg, her superior, consistently challenging her to control her powers and her emotions through trusting in herself and her own ability, she shows women have nothing to prove to the people who only serve to bring them down. She is the perfect example of how failure is not getting knocked down, it is not getting back up.

“Captain Marvel” is an powerful story of self discovery. Riddled with humor and badassery, it is the perfect way to celebrate International Women’s Day.