Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse Is Goo-oo-ood

Luka Kovac, Staff Writer

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“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” was an amazing film. The animation style, the plot focused on character development, and the music are the main reasons this movie was spectacular. This creative movie initially had a rating of one hundred percent on the rotten tomato scale. After being released it dropped three percent, which is still a very high rating. I believe that it should have stayed at one hundred percent.

The animation style was a mixture of modern animation and old fashioned comic art. Sony Pictures did a fantastic job, using these two styles to make it feel as if it was from a comic but with the modern flare of an action-packed animation. It also allowed for the film to have scenes that made the movie extremely creative, have unique transitions between scenes, and visualized sound effects with comic book-styled effects written into the surrounding. My personal favorite was how they used comic styled scratch art to show the spider senses of subconscious awareness.

Every main character had a personal conflict that they either personally overcame or solved with the help of others. These conflicts kept me watching intently, and made for no dull points in the film. It fits into its wonderful superhero movie genre, because of these conflicts, but with new twists. Despite that it follows the typical Marvel hero film style, the specifics and deeper personal touches with the conflicts makes this film original and entertaining.

This film has songs by Lil Wayne, Post Malone, Aminé and many other. The music set the tone for each scene in the film. It showed what the characters were feeling and highlighted their internal conflicts. Miles, the main character, develops and grows throughout the film in an intriguing way. Especially toward the end, it was spectacular because of the music stressing his emotions and energy.

If you know the general plots for the many Spider-Man series, or even if you do not, I would highly recommend seeing this movie.