“Sorry to Bother You” Shocks and Entertains Viewers in an Unique Way

“Sorry to Bother You” Shocks and Entertains Viewers in an Unique Way

Lucian Cosson, Staff Writer

“Sorry to Bother You” is quite possibly one of the most bizzare movies I have ever seen. What started off as a whimsical comedy that was creative and unique but grounded in reality quickly started to stray away from reality and then towards a jarring science-fiction world. The main character, Cassius Green, who goes by the not so subtle nickname of Cash, is a young adult who is desperate for money and desperate for work to pay off his rent and fix his barely functioning car. He takes a job at what seems to be an ordinary call center but is quickly promoted and thrown into the insanity of what happens behind the scenes of one of the biggest companies. While at a party hosted by the owner of the company, Cash accidentally discovers that the company is turning their manual laborers into horse-human hybrids to improve productivity. At this point Cash, like the audience, is completely caught off guard and the movie only goes on to continue to surprise the viewer with another twist in the ending.

My immediate reaction was to laugh at the sheer bizarreness of the plot and explain it as a unique type of comedy, but as I thought more about it I realized there was more to it than just comedy. This movie and the world it painted was a dramatic caricature of today’s society that highlighted the struggles and problems of the world today. These corporations are depicted as inaccessible and mysterious yet something that some of the workers want to be a part of. The workers are depicted in a variety of ways; some, like Cash, are solely focused on pursuing monetary gain, others are passionate protesters, some are compliant with their situation, and some are quite literally work horses for the companies. The movie is a very creative comedy that would be entertaining from its hilarity alone, but the addition of social commentary in subtle and not so subtle forms makes the movie much more interesting. Instead of just being a story about how a young adult struggles to get by in a capitalistic world, the movie makes it about all of the struggling workers against a corrupt corporation.

Besides serving as a way to represent the world in an alarming way, the bizarreness of the movie adds intrigue and makes it much more interesting. I have seen a lot of comedy movies and while thankfully I can say I laughed at and enjoyed most, I only really remember a select few movies. Many new comedy movies today suffer from a lack of originality and get lost among the masses. However, “Sorry to Bother You” is anything but forgettable. The unconventional aspects of the movie ensure that the audience does not forget this experience. In addition, there are many parts of the movie that go unexplained: a mysterious man at the corrupt company whose name is always bleeped out, a special golden elevator dedicated to the top caller that leads to another office upstairs, and the creation of a workforce of horse-human hybrids. All of these aspects make the viewer more engaged and intrigued to dig deeper into the world that this movie creates.

Overall, this movie was an enjoyable experience and was a refreshing take on the comedy genre that did more than just make the audience laugh. Its bright colors, dramatic camera movements, and fast moving plot keep the viewers engaged throughout. The bizarreness of the movie makes sure that the audience will not forget it.