The Kinship of Teenagers with Their Parents and Friends


Mimi Gaudiano

RELATIONSHIPS ARE THE BEST WAY TO ACCESS LIFE: Kinship of teenagers with their parents and friends are the essential relationships for the teenagers. Parents and friends are the guidebooks in a teen’s life. For every Success a teen achieves, there will be a parent or friend behind.

Jayarithanyaa VR, Staff Writer

Nowadays, teenagers are said to be more depressed from interpersonal problems such as failed relationships, lack of  support from friends, and conflict in family. This depression due to relationship problems can also lead to stress which are often found in teenagers. Negative events such as conflicts with family and lack of support from friends within the realms of family and friends affect  teen’s mental health.

I think it is better for a teen to build a good relationship with their parents by considering parents as friends and sharing all their thoughts with them so that they can receive advice. By developing  good communication skills, the teen develops a solid family relationship. Making time for family members, communicating effectively, and supporting each other are important ways to strengthen families and build positive relationships.

Working together as a family is also helpful in building strong and caring relationships. Friendships give teenagers a sense of belonging and a feeling of being valued. Friends are the people with whom we can share our feelings and they also guide us during parent’s absence. Teenagers who are not satisfied with friendships at school may get into depression and also have a kind of extra stress when  there is already a lot of stress in school.

Teenagers can share thoughts and get along well with at least someone so that they do not have to face too many problems including depression. Relationships with parents and friends are the basic relationships for a teenager. If they struggle with these simple relationships then it is very difficult for building up other relationships. Friends and parents are the guide books in  teenager’s life.

A teen can get many ideas and suggestions from friends and parents for academics and also most importantly personal life.Senior Kavya Kangesh  says, “Friends are the people who keep us motivated and make us feel good.” Many people state that they have seen teens struggling with their kinships.Sophomore Maggie Brown  also agrees that she has seen a teen struggling with his relationship with his mother. Freshman Arnav Adak also supports the statement and states that he has seen teens struggling with friendships. From this, I can say that there are lot of teenagers struggling with their kinships.

Teens who are struggling with relationships also lack the tendency to build affinity especially if  they do not  get to know people more without a strong kinship.Teens who are struggling also fall into depression which causes a lot more stress than usual. This may bring their grades down as they lose concentration in everything. Freshman, Kailey Bowsher, supports this statement by saying “ In this depression, few teens also may be suicidal when they are not able to tolerate depression.”

Senior John Adams says, “Absolutely relationships are important because to live a happy life you need to have a good relationship.” This also means that family relationships and friend relationships are the first  relationships a teen needs to have.Brown also states “Talking, sharing things and thoughts with friends are really beneficial in a teens life as they may get many ideas for many stuffs.”

Junior Aditi Desai gives advice to the teenagers: “Try to talk more to you parents and have a deep bond in which you speak everything and anything about.” Talking more also help a teen gather more tips for learning and also for achieving something successful in life. For every success of a teen, there will be a parent or a friend behind.

Being a teenager is an important period in a person’s life. It is a stage where people learn different things, need guidance, need advice and most importantly build healthy relationships.