Cross Country Prevails against North Creek


Eliza Badizomani

AND THEY’RE OFF! The IHS Boys’ Cross Country Team leads the pack at the start of the race against newcomer North Creek.

Eliza Badiozamani, Staff Writer

Wednesday, October 3rd, marked Issaquah High School’s cross country meet against North Creek, the final home meet of the season. There were very few spectators there, and Issaquah athletes did not feel too much tension or pressure over winning. Before the meet, coach Henry said “This is, for a dual meet, a pretty low cost meet for us, because [for the varsity boys race] we have our top boys all grouped up in the front and we are going against only one other small  team… If they stay together they should be fine.” Issaquah won the meet by a significant amount, as predicted by both athletes and spectators. Issaquah senior James Adkins said “Issaquah went in pretty confident, so the energy of this meet was pretty calm and things ended about how we expected.” For the girls race, sophomore Julia Davidsmith, senior Katie Riley, senior Emma Jordan, senior Jenna Heesacker, and senior Ella Mckillop all finished in the top five. Coach Henry commented on how Issaquah was successful in this race: “With the girls, our top seven came in before even one [runner from] North Creek finished. Keeping a close pack between [runners] one and seven is a key for success.” Athlete Haley Dang remarked that “Issaquah’s performance was very strong. We knew the course well because it’s our own. We destroyed those hills.” For the varsity boys race, Issaquah’s senior Sam Griffith led the way, with senior Allen Aby, junior Jasper Fuhs, senior Barry Diedericks, and junior Sam Rosenkranz not far behind, all finishing in the top five. Allen Aby said he used this meet as preparation for his meet this weekend: “I feel pretty great heading into a big meet this weekend. 108 schools will be there.” Overall the meet felt successful for Issaquah, and they are hopeful that more wins will occur this weekend.