“The Cuphead Show!”: Foolish in the Best Way Possible 


Jieden Fenderson, Staff Writer

From an old-school run and gun game to a Netflix show with a confirmed season two coming soon, “The Cuphead Show!” was a fun, enjoyable cartoon with an interesting art style, wild characters, and some wacky adventures.  

I personally loved the Cuphead games and often played them at sleepovers, defeating cool cartoony bosses throughout the night, so I was very excited for the Cuphead show. I liked the cartoon, the first thing that stood out to me was the art style. Cuphead takes inspiration from the cartoons of the ‘30s and ‘40s, going so far as to add film scratches to the movie. In some scenes, such when looking at the Cuphead bros’ home, they implement a technique called the Fleischer’s Tabletop Process, where Cuphead and his 2D friends are put in a 3D background. This process is seen in old cartoons like “Popeye the Sailor” and “Betty Boop.” It really goes to show the attention to detail, and it makes “The Cuphead Show!” a fun experience. 

What also makes “The Cuphead Show!” enjoyable is the cool adventures Cuphead and his bro Mugman go on and the crazy characters they meet. We see characters from the game like the Toad Brothers and King Dice in interesting settings. Throughout the show, we are also exposed to ridiculously childish humor that was probably implemented for its target audience (and my simple bad sense of humor), however it is a show all ages can enjoy. 

“The Cuphead Show!” is nowhere near a masterpiece, but it is a fun show to binge over the weekend when you are with friends or when you are simply being a couch potato. Movies and shows based on video games tend to be downright terrible, like the “Mortal Kombat” films or that God awful live action Mario film, but “The Cuphead Show!” keeps it simple and sticks with its own Cuphead feel, and for that I would definitely recommend the show for people looking to start a new series.