“Cobra Kai” Season Five Leaves Us With More Fun and Cliffhangers 


Jieden Fenderson, Staff Writer

“Cobra Kai” is back with another season. We have seen it move from YouTube Red to Netflix and witnessed our favorite characters return and kick start their karate rivalry again after so many years. The last season, season four, left us at a cliffhanger as we saw two factions put away their differences and combine against a greater threat. We are hinted at an old friend coming back… who we will see in season five. 

 Season five of “Cobra Kai” was great, and it still keeps its title as my favorite show of all time. It is fun, makes funny references, and has totally awesome fight scenes. However, I feel like “Cobra Kai” got a little too cringy sometimes. It gradually kind of shifted to one of those love triangle teen dramas which was kind of dumb, as it is advertised as a more action-oriented television show. However, we are introduced to more characters and therefore more perspectives in the ever-expanding karate rivalry, and I predict we will see many more, as in “Cobra Kai” fashion, they left us with yet another cliffhanger.  

“Cobra Kai” season five shows us how a common enemy can unite total opposites, and how balance allows for great use of skill and adaptation. What makes the show so enjoyable is how there are constant twists and turns which makes it unpredictable, unlike many shows nowadays. The best part of the show is Johnny, since he is still stuck in the 80s and is so oblivious to modern culture as well as technology, making his interactions very enjoyable. This, and many other characters’ interactions, add a lot of comedic relief. 

 Overall, “Cobra Kai” has grown a lot over the few years it have been around, and I am very excited to see what will happen next.