“F Is for Family” Amazing Season 4 

“F Is for Family” Amazing Season 4 

Bianca Johnson, Staff Writer

“F Is for Family” on Netflix is an ironic, funny, grown cartoon which shows some problems a normal middle class family faces through humor and could be compared to “Family Guy” but in my opinion, it is a whole lot more realistic.

After finding out that Kevin (Frank’s oldest son) is failing nearly every single one of his classes, Frank takes him to his job at the airport, where he’s recently been promoted after his former boss was decapitated in a violent work accident, to demonstrate to him the responsibilities of caring for a family. Frank is torn between his underpaid, hard-working co-workers who are contemplating a strike, and his employer, who worries a strike will shut down Mohican Airways for good.

Then in season 4, you will notice they’ve started where actress Laura Dern as Sue Murphy is pregnant with their fourth child and we will see the hardships they go through as a family to get prepared for the baby and the growth of their family as a whole to come together and make a more stable environment for each other. Their Nosey neighbors come along to help. 

I thought the series was very funny and at moments heartwarming and maybe even relatable. For example, Frank tells his father who is newly returned to his life since he was a child about how his attempts to be a better dad and husband have backfired regarding Maureen’s small role in a play being regressed to a stage-hand. And Kevin’s new girlfriend Alice helps him learn about his potential in school.

And the story line throughout was very entertaining and made for a great plot. If you like adult cartoons like “Family Guy” or “Bob’s Burgers”, I would 10/10 recommend” F Is for Family.”