Seattle Seahawks: Are They What They Used to Be?

Jake Crevin, Staff Writer

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The Seattle Seahawks were the 2014 Super Bowl Champions, making an appearance in two other Super Bowls, harbored numerous pro bowl players, and had the best defense in the league. But are they what they used to be? They are currently 8-5 second in the NFC west behind the Los Angeles Rams. They are desperately fighting for a wild card spot to get into the playoffs. Senior Simeon Hawkins shared his thoughts on the Seahawks Playoff chances: “They are in the wild card spot and they need to hold onto it. If they make the playoffs, I don’t really see them going that far so I don’t really have any concerns for them.”

This year specifically has been rough for the Seahawks. They lost Earl Thomas early in the season, their defense was not up to par, and they did not finish out some games. The Seahawks are not in rebuild mode: they have a franchise quarterback, offensive weapons, and great special teams unit. Their biggest lost some would say is Earl Thomas, He held out of training camp wanting to get a raise. He ended up showing up, but got injured in week four against the Arizona Cardinals. Seahawks tight end coach Pat McPherson had this to say about the situation, “You can see it from both angles, I understand that Earl is in a situation: where he’s trying to protect himself for his future, and I get that, but at the same time he also signed a contract, and should fulfill his contract. It was just unfortunate that he got hurt the way he did.”

Some of the Seahawk players have been nominated for awards. Off the field Their linebacker, K.J Wright, has been nominated for the 2018 Walter Payton Man of the year award, and Tyler Lockett is in the running for NFL sportsmanship award. For the rest of the 2018 season for the Seahawks, they have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL this season. If they start off their games well and finish out strong, they could easily sneak into a wild card spot. Or, if they win the rest of their games, and the other teams lose their games, the Seahawks could potentially sneak into a divisional spot and have a “bye week” for their wild card game. Unfortunately, the Seahawks suffered a bitter loss in the game against the 49ers, 26-23 in overtime on Sunday.

Their latest choreographed touchdown celebration was one of the Seahawks former receivers: a re-enactment of Richard Sherman’s famous “tip” at the end of the NFC championship game against the 49ers. Jaron Brown was the one who caught the touchdown played as QB Colin Kaepernick, Doug Baldwin played Sherman, Tyler Lockett played Michael Crabtree, and David Moore played Malcolm Smith, coming down and intercepting the football after the tip. The actual touchdown however was caught in almost the exact same spot as the “tip” happened five years ago. This was a little sly towards Richard Sherman since he chose to go to the arch-nemesis team the San Francisco 49ers.

With their win over the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night, they have a 99.9 percent chance to make the wild card spot in the playoffs, according to ESPN. They don’t have a tough schedule ahead of them, so Seahawk fans should not be worried, because the team is likely going to the playoffs.